Rosaline Callaghan

Irish Writer and Poet


hereditary amyloidosis
Rosaline Callaghan

“Rosaline, they’re saying it’s hereditary,” said her father. “I think this is going to have implications for us.” As it turns out, never a truer word was spoken.

Rosaline Callaghan tells her story of Hereditary Amyloidosis Thr60Ala ~ a rare, progressive and ultimately fatal disease, for which, until a few years ago, there was no treatment.

Known throughout the world, where it travelled with the Irish Diaspora, as Donegal Amy, it originates in a fifteen mile ribbon of coastline in North-West Donegal.

A mix of memoir, geography, history, science and practical tips on living with the condition, this book details Rosaline’s forty years of living in the shadows of Donegal Amy.

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