About Me

Rosaline at Inch Island, Donegal - February 2020

A Little About Me

I am wild. I love telling stories.

I’ve been a waitress, nanny, civil servant and barrister, among other things.

I have lived in many places and countries — born under a wandering star.

Am I a writer? Sometimes yes and sometimes no.

Currently on yes.

I have written many pieces of prose and poetry and taken lots of photographs of my beautiful Ireland.

My memoir is part-written.

Many threads of work in progress were stopped in their tracks by active addiction.

Among the many gifts of recovery is retrieving a life and retrieving creativity.

Over the years I’ve appeared in a number of local musicals, always in the chorus.

I was a volunteer during The Troubles, taking children from both sides of the divide on holidays and weekends in Donegal to help bridge perceived differences.

Later, I was a volunteer at a local children’s hospice.

I had an individual method of Irish dancing, which I readily performed at parties but only when influenced by one pint of Guinness too many.

I dance much more elegantly in sobriety and now have the gift of remembering!

And, I have retrieved my dream of writing and pulling all the threads together in the tapestry of my website.

Sometimes, we have more than one mountain to climb.

In 2019 I was diagnosed with Hereditary Amyloidosis (Thr60Ala) which originates from a fifteen-mile stretch of coastline in North West Donegal.

There are a few thousand of us with the condition worldwide where it wandered with the Irish Diaspora.




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