If I Am To Die Alone

The world as we had known it has gone quiet while we are to stay home, forced to recognise our fragility as Coronavirus sweeps our earth.

Along with the rest of the world, my heart is blown wide open with the many stories we are hearing.

Heartwarming stories of our common humanity at its best. 

I wept to hear of the people who are dying in hospital when their loved ones cannot be with them and to know that a nurse would stay with them in their final moments.

And, heartbreaking stories where this could not happen in countries where some of their hospitals were simply overwhelmed by the numbers.

When I feel the final flutterings of time
may you know I am content for time spent with you.
May you know I am surrounded by mercy,
swaddled in the tender love of doctors and nurses.
May you see benediction in the silent streets
when the people stayed home
to try to protect me.
May you know as it all falls away
I feel your love, above and beyond.
May you know I hear the utterances of the angels
in the memory of your voice.

~ Rosaline Callaghan ~

‘If I Am To Die Alone’ by Rosaline Callaghan

2 thoughts on “‘If I Am To Die Alone’ by Rosaline Callaghan

  1. Beautiful writing Rosaline, this is from your heart,I know that this will bring comfort to many.
    Thank you from me.💌

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